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The New Sound-Man

Painting by Artur Filipe Lee (3 years old)

Today, in spite of all the unpredictable circumstances, the flowers are blooming.

As we go for our socially distant safe walks, we are almost surprised to see that some trees are budding and others have already been lavishly adorned. The birds are singing, the rivers are rumbling their music through their worldly travels, and I only assume the earth keeps rotating as should. Nature’s perspective hasn’t changed, it only lives.

What is different, perhaps, is that this outer silence of this empty city is unveiling our inner sound and how it resonates with the sound of this new world as we have never experienced before. And this sound of ours seems so loud to bear, even though it isn’t as loud as the other we were used to. This silent movie came to dethrone the unimportant and leave us to create our own dialogues and songs. To adorn our life from within.

What happens when we can’t spin in the rat wheel anymore? Awareness strikes us as if a light beam was all of a sudden screening all the dusty parts we forgot to clean, because it was too dark (or too loud) to see them. Because we were too busy spinning that wheel that we were told was the run to success. How do we measure success now, in these times? The world has given us a temporary permission to not pursue; to stay still. We might feel like naked trees during winter. Bare. Empty. Just there. But that emptiness could be the promise of renewed life.

The sages have long mentioned how our cup must be empty in order to receive blessings, how the path to divinity is from denseness to lightness and how our own power of vibration can lead us to dissolve form and uplift towards consciousness.

In our mother’s womb, the foremost vessel that allows our creation and growth, human hearing is the first sense we develop, and the last to cease after we pass in life. Our body science tells us that listening, tuning into vibration, is how we come and leave our perception of this material dimension. We come to life ready to be receptive, like an empty vessel, and somehow along the way, our ears get clogged, our nervous system cramped and disease sets in. But this new disease that is bringing so much suffering to so many of us throughout the world, through death, unemployment, financial crisis, exhaustion and overall uncertainty, is not much different from the disease we were already living in before. Ultimately, we just didn’t pay attention, because it was not new; it had only been silently shutting our senses for too long. This new disease, in all its monstrosity, is forcing us to reprogram our genetic code. Literally. It is reprogramming our immune systems as well as our brains. It is clearly forcing us to reinvent ourselves.

Those of us, who are safe, let us not only pray for the ones in need but use this forced silence as medicine to a new Sound-Man. To re-tune with nature, re-tune with others and re-tune with ourselves.

And may this new promised music help dissolve the invisible boundaries of communities, unifying hearts and minds in a new alchemy.

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