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Vocal Alchemy Studio

"The knower of the mystery of sound, knows the mystery of the whole Universe."

Sufi Hazrat Inayat Khan

Holistic Vocal Approach... 

In a faraway time Alchemists were known as practitioners who were set up to transmute base metals into noble metals such as gold. In spiritual terms it meant personal transmutation and enlightenment. The word alchemy derives from the greek chymeia meaning ‘mixture’.


The Vocal Alchemy Studio offers a holistic approach to vocal development in order to attain that unique combination of elements which will make possible for singers to speak their truth. Each voice is individual just as each path is unique and personal. Mankind has always been in search for the magic formula for everything in life: love, cars, business, health, medicine, spirituality, etc. At the Vocal Alchemy Studio we are in infinite pursuit of the golden vocal proportion, whatever that may be!

Through developed and often personalized vocalize, postures, mudras, mantras, breathe work and healing meditations singers are moved beyond vocal technique into what I describe as meta-technique.

In yogic science the throat chakra is the gateway in between the mind and the heart and when both are connected we no longer live in duality. Singing isn’t only a skill. It’s a style of life, an alternate way of seeing and feeling the world. A spiritual connection, an alignment with our true self.

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"Alexandra has been giving me singing lessons. She is not only a gifted and accomplished singer, but she is able to meet students with compassion at exactly the level they are and as issues and habits surface. She is extremely creative and generous, and more important, her information is accurate and specific. She is not deterred by nor does she frown upon questions; in fact she has shared important insights between lessons when I have contacted her. Her integrity to vocal health and her dedication to her students is exceptional. I am so grateful to be working with her!"


- Rob R., Actor and Naam Yoga Teacher

"I am currently taking voice lessons with Alexandra and it has been an amazing journey so far. Alexandra is super kind but she also knows just how to push! I have already learned so much after only a few lessons, and I know I have lots more to explore. I look forward to every class and plan on sticking with her for a very long time! Thank you, Alexandra!"

- Carol L., Training Coordinator

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