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Bridging Voice, Yoga and Healing... 


Naam Yoga and Shakti Naam are: 


Divine Spiritual Wisdom 


Shukshma Vyayama (Himalyas)


Metaphysical Sciences


Sound Current 


Naam means "The word". Primal vibration. (The mantric Way).

Naam yoga was founded by Dr. Michael Joseph Levry. It is a self-healing practical technology that integrates mudra (hand seals), chanting, asana, breath work and dynamic movement with the knowledge of Kabbalah. It raises the level of consciousness, brings light and health and helps us become co-creators of our reality. Naam yoga works with the sound currents, opens our hearts and synchronizes us with the vibration of the universe.

















Naam Yoga provides infinite health benefits and self-knowledge:

Improves blood circulation and chemistry

Enhances our electromagnetic field or shield of protection

Stimulates the pituitary gland

The nerves start to learn and change 

Diminishes the inner chatter

Stimulates the meridians in the body, just like giving self-acumpuncture

Brings joy 

Softens the heart and makes you kinder

Creates an egregore of light

Creates neurogenesis

Stimulates the Vagus Nerve

Helps you become non-reactive

Decreases your body of pain and icnreases your body of light

Helps you understand your planetary influences

Teaches you to work with the cycles of the moon

and so much more....




Harmonyum Healing System - Bio-Metaphysical Medicine

Harmonyum is an energetic healing practice that cleans karma. It's a trasmition of an initiation. It acts at the level of the base of the neck or portal of knowlege (known as daat in Kabbalah) corresponding to the 12 cranial nerves and all along the spine, activating the healing capacities in the body. It involves light touch to almost no touch along the spine using healing mudras and movements. Harmonyum corresponds to hours of meditation, stimulating the vagus nerve. Harmonyum largely helps us to change perception. Harmonyum transmission brings you awareness and helps you become co-creator of life with the divine. Harmoynum is a psychotherapeutical application of Divine Spiritual Wisdom. Its helps to heal the physical body by healing the spiritual body. The lack of harmony bring disease; harmoyum helps restore harmony in the body


"The best cure for disease is to address the entire body and not just the disease. Shakti naam address the body from the brain to the toes. Stimulates the brain nerves and increases vitality and the brain starts functioning better, the memory works properly and your intelligence improves. To change your life you have to know how to change your brain waves. It will have a positive effect on our personality. It simply keeps disease away." Dr. Levry

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