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Alexandra is a soprano, teacher, composer, yogi and mother.


She was born in Brazil, raised in Portugal and Macau, lived in Barcelona and the USA. She is currently a permanent resident of the USA and lives in NYC.


As a child Alexandra was always very active and would often be found in acrobatic spins during school intermissions or even playing soccer with the boys - she was a gymnast for many years and played many different sports. For the longest time she dreamt of becoming an actress but in reality her love for the movies was much more about its magic! Later on her interest in the human being led her to study Psychology in College. Nonetheless, arts in general, were always her sanity harbor, along with sports, either in the form of painting, dancing, theater or music, and finally when she was nineteen years old her mother advised her to enroll in a music academy to study voice as she would spend hours singing along to Loreena Mckennitt or Enya's songs. Music was in her mother's family side; she had many great great aunts who were all musicians in the early 1900s back in Brazil and great, great grandmother Adelaide, in particular, was known to be an extraordinarily talented contralto whom the great Brazilian composer Carlos Gomes wanted to take to Italy for an operatic career. 


After finishing her BS in Psychology  Alexandra pursued a BA in Singing at Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa, in Portugal where she studied with Soprano Sílvia Mateus, and later on a MM in Music Performance at Petrie School of Music, SC, studying with Dr. Beverly Hay.


Alexandra is world traveled, having lived in different countries and versed a few languages. She is in constant quest of the principles that organize Man in the universe and the universe in Man. In 2014 she stumbled upon Naam Yoga, while wandering through the upper west side in Manhattan, with which she resonated immensely, immersing herself in a yogic practice and becoming a certified Naam Yoga teacher the following year. Often dwelling in philosophy, esoteric sciences, alternative healing practices, eastern wisdom and literature, she became interested in the Harmonyum Healing System and after having traveled to LA for the Harmonyum Training she became a certified Harmonyum healing practitioner by the International Harmonyum Association.


In NYC she has performed, as  soprano, in venues such as Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, Scandinavia House, Engelman Recital Hall, New Ohio Theater, The Red Door, New York Science Fair, "Surreal", Union Square, JCC Manhattan and several local Churches. Back in Portugal she performed in famous venues like Teatro da Trindade, Teatro Olga de Cadaval, Dance and Music Festival of Sintra and Palácio de Queluz. 


She has dedicated the past 4 years of her performing career to premiering new works by composers such as the 2015 Commonwealth Music Ambassador Natasha Sennanayake, iBoc's Artistic Director Joao Macdowell, Israeli composer Ronnie Reshef, and Italian music film Sound Designer Luigi Porto. Alexandra has also had the privilege to have some of their works written for her voice and collaborated in their editing. She possesses a lyric soprano voice with a distinctive brilliant and somewhat metallic ringing quality. Alexandra can also crossover to Broadway and pop styles. Recently she joined both Regina Opera Company and Amore Opera of New York and is excited to be singing with Repertory Companies in NYC after a maternity break!


Having taught voice in music conservatories both in Portugal and NYC, she founded her private practice in 2013 which debuted its official name in 2015 as Vocal Alchemy Studio with a recital performance of her students at the Yeoryia Studios in Manhattan. Alexandra is a born teacher in the sense that she thrives on analyzing and simplifying concepts for herself and others. She publishes on a blog dedicated to a holistic vocal approach. She also taught voice at The New York Music Conservatory for 5 years. She is developing workshops and courses on Vocal Consciousness.


Alongside with music and yoga, Alexandra explores drawing, writing and composing. She composed the songs which are part of the 14 year running concert for babies performed weekly at Lisbon Oceanarium in Portugal, which has been covered by many of its national TV channels, news papers and magazines.


In 2016 she joined Artist Liene Bosque in a collaborative piece called SYNTHESIS, where she composed and performed a mantra based on the Fibonacci sequence for Liene's sculpture, at Planthouse Gallery in New York City.

Her Yoga Master Teacher is Dr. Levry and she coaches with Soprano Olga Bakali. 

She currently resides in NYC with her husband and son.


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