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May your voice be with you

May Your Voice be With You.

Picking up on this renewed tide of the Star Wars saga, I got inspired to write the first article of the vocal alchemy studio and also the last of 2015. Joseph Campbell, a great mythology author and professor, who moved George Lucas into his world famous creation, mentioned how the outer and inner space are the same.

The mythology of the warrior’s path has been a point of conversion of cultures all throughout the world and centuries - the theme of the courage to pursue one’s own path, to find one’s unique voice in the world. But Joseph Campbell also reminded us that the goal of life was to make our heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match our nature with Nature.

This idea, I believe, saves us from getting off the track of the bigger purpose of humanity. Each path is unique, but still needs to harmonize with the greater good for the world. In the East, some cultures have pursued and taught us about the greater consciousness, the All in all of us. Quantum physics has put us on this field of connection which we cannot see, and yet it is there, showed us how an electron has or is a distribution of probabilities and how the observer can change the observed. Yet, the ultimate goal of meditation conveys that it is possible the realization that there is no division between the observer and the observed, when the ego is overcome and duality disappears. All of these philosophies and theories seem to come together, for me, within the human voice.

It is the Vth chakra that constitutes the turning point from the physical world to the spiritual world. In the voice lives the key to transform our lower self into our higher self. That narrowing connecting point where the within reaches the without. Where our inner map is decoded by the heavenly one in an invisible form. As if a road had to be built for that expression to come to surface. This is where the alchemy of the voice resides. It is interesting to think that the voice filters simple lung air into a buzz and so forth as something that could become the most beautiful chant one has ever heard, which could put the beasts to sleep as in old texts. It is no coincidence that in the beginning was the word. It is also no coincidence that mantra or sacred chanting is one of the chosen mediation practices to attain the higher self and promote neurogenesis.

The path of the warrior falls back on the courage to follow that inner life and open it up to the outer one. The courage to listen to your voice, to allow it to come from within and to express it without for the highest good of all and All. On the physical plane and coming back to the theme of this page, as singers pursue their voice and dwell in the infinite technical aspects of it, it is easy to lose track of the fact that they need to trust themselves and their intuition more, and it is the vocal teachers’ job to empower each student who wishes to pursue this warrior’s path in the direction of self-love and acceptance. Only through love can one flourish to his or her highest potential.

May your voice be with you as it has always been of you.


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